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    The Cutest Snowman Ever!!

    This morning my kids woke up at 6:30 and ran to the computer.  The weather man teased them this week saying there was a very slight chance of snow... this meant for sure it would snow!!!!  I tried telling them that the two times it's snowed here in Ramona over the last 6 years was extremely unique...I never saw snow in the 18 years I spent growing up here.  They got all there snow close on, cut out snowflakes, did a snow dance around all the snowflakes in the front yard, and waited... in their now gear.... NO SNOW!!! Good thing we will be visiting snow very soon!  

    So without real snow we decided to bottle snowmen.  These are so super cute!!!  I could just eat them up... :)  We bottled them and I sold a bunch today!   These make great teacher gifts for the holidays!  Each snowman has enough hot chocolate for two plus add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil to make it delish in your mouth! $4 call or email to order yours today!!


    Peppermint oil can be used for its calming effect to relieve stress and tension.  It is also effective for relieving the headaches associated with stress or digestive upset, as well as for migraines.  Just apply a few drops to the back of the neck for stress, or to the temples to relieve a headache.

    During the cold and flu season, peppermint can really prove itself to you.  It works well in reducing fever (just apply a few drops to the bottom of the feet or rub a few drops into the spine).  It is also great at opening and clearing sinus and respiratory congestion.  It relieves headaches, diarrhea and nausea, and can bring a wide range of comforts to the misery of colds and flu.  (I'd hate to be sick without it.)

    For digestive issues, like diarrhea, nausea, motion sickness, stomach ache or colic, simply massage a 1-2% dilution of peppermint, mixed in fractionated coconut oil, over the abdomen.  I love adding peppermint to my water during workouts or in the morning when I need a boost!

    Peppermint is an excellent insect repellent, especially when mixed with eucalyptus before application.  During the summer months, it offers the added benefits of being very cooling, making hot weather much more bearable.

    The fragrance of peppermint oil is uplifting and invigorating.  Applied topically, this oil is very soothing to tired, sore muscles.  It has analgesic properties, and can be helpful for menstrual problems or skin disorders. 

    You can buy peppermint oil here!!!


    My New Obsession!

    There have been some definite pluses to the stroke that showed up in my life 9 months ago.  My brain is seeing organization in a less chaotic overwhelming way, if that makes any sense.  The pace of my life has slowed down because my body is making it.  This too has been a blessing (even though internally I am kicking and screaming).  Which brings me to my latest obsession.  Couponing!  I know crazy!!  But most of you said that about triathloning… then you did one and your hooked!!!

     So, my sweet friend Stephanie taught a class on how she coupons.  She is so organized. It’s all in a trapper keeper, alphabetized in baseball card sleeves.  Each Saturday she buys the early Sunday edition of the paper.  One for each member of the family.  I end up spending $6.00.  She buys on Saturday because it’s only a $1 unlike Sunday which is $2.50 each.  Then she lays each coupon out and stacks the ones that match, staples them together, cuts them out and puts them in her alphabetized binder. 

     I have been doing this for 4 weeks.  And I have gotten a ton of things!!!  Many for free!!! This week is my favorite buy so I am sharing with you. 

     Stater Bros has Lucky charms on sale for $2.25 when you buy 4.  I happened to have coupons for $1.50 off 3 of them.  So for 4 big boxes I paid $1.87 each.  But here is the best part.  I found the boxes that have free movie tickets on them.  For every two boxes you get one free movie ticket.  I was ALL OVER THIS!!!!  With 6 members of our and movies costing $16.00 for John, Tevan and me and $12.75 for the other 3, it’s $100 bucks for us to go to the movies!!! CRAZY!!!

     So I went a little Lucky Charms Crazy!!!  And bought not 4 or 8 or 12 but 28 boxes!!!!  I have no idea where I am going to put them but today I stock piled 12 weeks of cereal and date nights!!!  $52 bucks, 28 boxes of Lucky Charms and 14 movies passes!  I saved a total of $314.25!!! Thanks Stephanie for the wonderful lesson on couponing!!   


    September 3, 1998

    I remember waking up really early for an early moring date with John Sommers.  We were living 3 states apart and I had flown in for the weekend to visit.  We headed out to Hard Scrabble, a beautiful mountain in the hills of Morgan Utah.  Once we made it to the base of the mountain the first rays of light were breaking through the darkness.  We jumped on a four wheeler and headed up.  

    The air was crisp and warm as we made our way up higher and higher.  Light was getting brighter but the sun still hadn't made it's debut on the horizon.  We reached the top and got off to watch the sun rise.  Johnny wrapped his strong hands around my waist and pulled me in close.  It felt so good to be near him again, but then he let go.  I glanced away from the sun to find Johnny on one knee.  I knew what was coming but couldn't believe it.  He told me that he loved me and that he wanted to spend time and all eternity with him.  He asked me to marry him in the Temple of the Lord, more then just till death, but for forever!  He pulled out a ring and told me that he chose it because it was simple with a twist just like me.  I of course said YES!  Wedding plans began and six long weeks later I married and  was sealed to my best friend in the San Diego Temple for time and all eternity!  

    Happy Engagement day Johnny!  I love you forever!


    Lizzy the Dog

    Have you met my dog Lizzy?  She is my sweet little cockapoo we rescued from the shelter in January of 2012.  The instant I saw her I knew she belonged in our family.  We have an adorable golden doodle Rex who we wanted a friend for.  He is slightly (like 70 lbs) larger then her but he is gentle and sweet to her.  Lizzy has been such a fun addition to the family.  She is so patient with all the kids and has a snuggly disposition. 


    Lizzy was with me the morning I had the stroke.  On that day back in March Lizzy was next to me and could sense something was wrong.  She wasn’t barking or freaking out, but stayed close to me.  When we left to go to the hospital she was worried.  I didn’t come back for a number of days, in the hospital I worried about both dogs but the moment I came back into the house she was at my side.  Almost like my protector.  When I walk, she walks with her body touching my ankle.  When I get up she jumps up and follows.   When I lay down she curls up next to me.  When I go to the bathroom and close the door she curls up outside the door and waits.


    I still struggle with lingering effects of the stroke.  Ever so slightly, like yesterday, I was so exhausted in the afternoon so I decided to take a short power nap.  I told the kids and then curled up into my bed.  I knew I would be awake shortly,  Lizzy was right there with me and I instantly fell to sleep with Lizzy as my last memory.  I woke up about 15 minutes later and couldn’t remember what day it was, what time of day it was, or what I was suppose to be doing.  I looked frantic looked around wondering where, when and what, then I glanced down and saw sweet Liz in the same spot she was in before I closed my eyes and it all started coming back.  It was Wednesday, I had laid down for a nap and I was suppose to be helping with homework!   I leaned in and gave her a love, then jumped up refreshed and ready to help. Here she is curled up under my desk while I type!


    It’s strange to me that something so tiny can feel so responsible, because she does.  Before the stroke if I called her she might come running.  Now, if she isn’t with me and I call her she runs as fast as she can to get to me.  I haven’t trained her, she just does.  Rex and Lizzy are the first dogs we have ever had so seeing this loyalty and love from something so small is new and amazing.





    Sommers Staycation

    Today is the happiest sad day of the year!  Summer is over :( School has started :)  My house is so quiet!  I feel frantic, you know to get as much done as I can with this uninterrupted time.  Then I remember this is my life for the next 9 months.  Summer should never be over till after labor day in my opinion, but it is and I am happy and sad for all of us.  Today was extra exciting because Tevan started middle school!  Holy cow I am getting old!

    We ended the summer with a bang!  Due to travel restrictions we had a staycation this summer.  We did have big plans of traveling from here to Utah then to Idaho and Washington to visit our newest twin nieces, then down to Oregon and California with white water rafting trips and lots of yummy food… but there are too many long stretches of nothingness, and I was told that I needed to stay within 30 minutes of a hospital.  I don’t think my doc knows I live 45 minutes away from one :)

     Vacation was heavenly!  We left on Tuesday and made it up to Disneyland just after dinner.  Perfect timing to get a few rides in and see a few shows!  Last time we went the Matterhorn was closed.  So we decided to head to that first.  

    I must say, it was just as jerky as before... It was such a fun night with dumbo and Fastamic.  Disneyland is magical at night! 

    Radiator Springs is AMAZING!

    Highlight of the trip was beating John on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

    We ended our trip visiting the Newport Temple.  I can't believe we had never been there.  It was so beautiful!  I think for our anniversary we will plan on staying awhile and visiting inside!